Dentures In Winter - Hagerstown Dentist The people of Hagerstown need to take care of their mouths this winter!

Taking care of dentures requires little time, but people need to make effort

Winter has fully set in in Maryland. Although some of us like to “brave the elements”, others will tend to stay indoors more of the time and gravitate toward the heat sources of their homes and offices. During that time it’s important for people to take care of themselves, whether through exercise or diet… and also making sure their dentures stay in good condition. Even if they are snowbirds and have escaped the cold, they may yet have a small segment of the season to deal with.

The problem with this time of the year is that it’s cold and flu season. That means that a lot of germs can come into the picture… and on their way onto the dentures. If people follow the proper procedure, then there’s minimal risk of the contaminated dentures causing a bad infection down the road. But… many people don’t consistently pay close enough attention to what they are doing. Add the fact that they may keep their dentures well past the recommended seven to ten year period and it’s leaving them open to problems like:


For those not in the know, MRSA stands for methicillin resistant staphylococcus. It can make its way onto dentures through biofilms. Once it’s set in, it can be very difficult to treat. Fortunately, research has shown that zapping dentures in a microwave for three minutes or rinsing them in a special solution for 10 minutes.

Gum Disease

Here’s where the combination of not properly maintaining their dentures by having them replaced or at the very least, relined or repaired, is that by having dirty, ill-fitting dentures, they are running the risk of having cuts in their mouth, which coupled with bacteria, can lead to gum disease and infection. The two-step process of cleaning the dentures and regularly visiting their dentist or specialist can ward those off.

There have been stories about people who think that merely running their dentures under some water for a few seconds, like in a shower, will be sufficient to properly clean all the germs off it. That is quite far from the case. They need to get a soft-bristled toothbrush and make doubly sure that they get every part of the denture every time. It’s got to be a thorough process, otherwise germs can make their way on.

That’s not the only thing denture wearers must do – soaking them in a special solution overnight is also something that can’t be neglected. Otherwise the dentures can get both dirty and also brittle from being dry. Since the air is often dry during the cold winter months, there’s a high likelihood of the dentures becoming damaged too.

Sticking to a dedicated routine can help make February and March move along much faster – since having a healthy mouth can make for happier people – and then it will seem that April will arrive in the blink of an eye. Of course, that doesn’t mean that one can neglect their oral health after that, but getting into good denture habits during the winter can make those carry over for the rest of the seasons.

Hagerstown Dentist can help if a patient has denture issues. Their skilled staff will put patients at ease and guide them through whatever they need to do – plus their in-house dental lab will make for a short wait.