Would You Like To Know How Can Dental Implants - Hagerstown Dentist You’ve made your choice and decided to go with dental implants over dentures. You like the fact that the implants are stable and act like natural teeth whereas dentures can slip around and cause discomfort to gums – plus they need to be taken out, cleaned and soaked nightly. There’s another decision for you to ponder though… whether to have it traditionally done or get dental implants in one day.

Another question is… how can dental implants be done in one day? Dental technology has continued to make big strides over the years, and this is another advancement, with the screws… four of the them… being inserted and then an entire arch being snapped in. It’s not that time-consuming either, taking roughly two hours for each arch.

What people have loved about same-day implants is that they can resume normal life very quickly after that. There’s no waiting for any healing in order to get the implant. Of course, they will have to monitor how everything feels with the dentist for follow-ups, but they should be able to resume everyday activities like eating regular food.

The main benefit is the timeliness. There’s no worry about having teeth shift in the gaps as one waits for their jaw to be ready for the implants. During that time, one’s confidence can erode, since there will be gaps where their teeth used to be, and that’s not something that they want to show the rest of the public what their mouth looks like. By getting the same-day implant, there’s no chance of their self-esteem possibly becoming diminished. Instead, they will walk out with their heads help up high.

The main risk of having dental implants done in a day is that it may not work. Usually when one has a dental implant, the dentist or specialist will put in a titanium screw and then allow the jaw to heal so that the bone will fuse with the screw, which will then give it the best support when the replacement tooth is screwed in. That’s not the case with the same-day implant and the jawbone may not fuse properly with the screw or the jaw shape might change and necessitate a procedure to get it back.

Another great benefit is not having to have a bone graft before the implant. That will be a lot less on your wallet and it will save on the healing and recovery time.

There’s a chance your dentist may examine your jaw and decide that you would be best suited for the traditional implant. Be sure to discuss everything thoroughly with him or her before coming to a decision. Rashly moving ahead could cost you money and discomfort. Rest assured, you will get a great smile back, either way.

When it comes to dental implants, the staff at Hagerstown Dentist will guide you through the whole process. They will make sure that everything goes smoothly and will be glad to answer any questions you may have. If you’re in the Hagerstown, Maryland area, and you need dental implants, this is the place to go.