FREE Denture & Implant Consultation – Includes Basic X-Rays


Having an in-house dental lab enables Hagerstown Dentist to provide faster, more efficient service to our patients who are experiencing denture problems. Not every dentist has the luxury of being able to do all of the necessary restoration work in their facility. Having a lab on our premises allow Hagerstown Dentist to get right to work on fixing whatever problem may exist with your dentures. Customers often come to Hagerstown Dentist with the following claims:

  • I need a tooth added to my denture
  • My tooth came off the denture
  • My dentures need to be relined
  • A tooth broke on my denture
in house lab
implant solution

An in-house dental lab helps immensely in resolving these issues as quickly as possible. It also makes life a lot easier for our patients who are looking for same day dentures. Partial repairs can also be taken care of right away. Our lab specializes in helping to speed up the process with dental relines as well as customizing crown colors to match the natural color of your teeth.

Acadia’s lab also enables us to get right to the fabrication of our patient’s crowns. There is no need to send our crowns to be fabricated in some faraway lab. That process could lead to long and frustrated waiting periods. At Hagerstown Dentist, your wait ends now.

Our restorations are done with the same attention to detail we provide to all of our patients. Convenience and proficiency go right to work for you when you choose to benefit from the in-house dental lab at Hagerstown Dentist.

Hagerstown Dentist will help you get the most out of your teeth with top quality dental service available. We provide service to Maryland residents of Hagerstown, Martinsburg, Frederick, Chambersburg and other neighboring communities.